The management team of AgVictus Capital Management (AgVictus), led by Matthew A. Whitley, has purchased all the outstanding equity in the firm from Forest Investment Associates (FIA). The firm is no longer affiliated with FIA, a timberland investment manager.

AgVictus is an independent investment adviser focused exclusively on agricultural investments for institutional investors. The firm is privately owned by its employees who have spent decades transacting and managing natural resource assets. AgVictus currently manages permanent, specialty and annual commodity (row) crop properties across the U.S. and Australia.

The firm’s investment platform is to assemble customized portfolios of farmland and related agricultural assets which generate appropriate long-term, risk-adjusted investment returns. This is accomplished through disciplined and opportunistic transactions, along with active management strategies that incorporate ESG (environmental, social and governance) principles.

The AgVictus management team began developing and managing customized agricultural investment portfolios for like-minded institutional investors with FIA in 2008. The AgVictus entity was formed in 2011 to distinguish its investment management services for farmland and related assets, from those of FIA (timberland). While the firm branched out into acquiring and managing commodity (row) crop properties in 2012, it continues to be focused on permanent and specialty crops (and related private equity investments) due to the current market environment.

AgVictus favors a subcontractor or direct approach to operational management versus “passive” leasing, which is frequently used by other firms. The firm also has experience evaluating and implementing joint ventures and other operating partnerships with leaders in the food and agribusiness industry.

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