Our network of contacts enables us to review most significant farmland offerings across the globe. Acquiring multiple, distinct, high-quality farmland properties, including permanent, specialty and commodity crops, as well as related, value-added assets, is a core component of our investment philosophy. Our motivation is to make financially defendable investments for our clients, not asset accumulation. We also understand the importance of dispositions to enhance investment performance and “lock in” realized gains.

Disciplined Underwriting

• Utilize financially stringent underwriting standards.

• Implement valuation methodologies that apply both proprietary and third-party supply, demand and pricing inputs.

• Incorporate defensible crop yield assumptions in financial models to project realistic outcomes.

• Strive to maintain strict discipline throughout the entire acquisitions process.


• A disposition strategy is initially developed at the time a property is acquired and is continually modified as market conditions and clients’ needs change.

• Acquire high-quality properties which provide additional liquidity with a broader universe of potential buyers.

• When evaluating dispositions, we not only consider land productivity, but also water and mineral rights, conservation uses, entitlements and other land ownership characteristics.

• We employ experienced land sale professionals as well as maintain a substantial network of third-party real estate brokers.

Value Cultivation

• In addition to crop values, we strive to identify, create and extract value-added opportunities related to natural resources (oil and gas, minerals, mitigation banking, etc.), land entitlement and other compatible uses (telecommunications towers, wind farms, road and utility easements, etc.).

• AgVictus maintains a large network of consultants, engineers, and land planners that are used on an as-needed basis to assist with project development and implementation.