We strive to assemble customized portfolios of farmland and related agricultural assets which generate appropriate long-term, risk-adjusted investment returns; accomplished through disciplined and opportunistic transactions, along with active management strategies that incorporate ESG (environmental, social and governance) principles.

Disciplined and Opportunistic Transactions

• Properties are typically diversified by location, crop category (permanent, specialty, commodity), crop species and time of acquisition.

• Focus on high-quality properties which are more responsive to intensive management.

• Acquire properties in strong agricultural and farmland markets with good infrastructure and ample water supply.

• Continually improve the marketability through customized management and value-added capital expenditures.

• Perform long-term strategic analysis of potential disposition opportunities routinely from the time of acquisition.


Risk Management

• A comprehensive understanding of markets, and infrastructure is a critical component of risk management.

• Opportunistically diversified portfolios lessen natural, economic and environmental risks.

• It is our responsibility to maintain the long-term viability of the farmland while managing it for competitive financial returns.


Active Asset Management

• Maximize biological growth and financial yield by utilizing sustainably intensive farm management practices.

• Directly operate farms where justified, which provides more direct exposure to commodity prices and crop yields while ensuring the property is well-managed and the farmland’s value is better protected and improved over time.

• Focus on larger blocks of property where economies of scale can be maximized.

• Seek to maximize alternative (non-agricultural) asset values.