Our overall management objective is to maximize the value of each client portfolio through capital appreciation from optimized farm improvements and management, as well as cash yield from crop harvests and other sources. Our team of knowledgeable practitioners combine financial management skills with the latest farm science and technology to achieve this objective.


Intensive and Hands-On

• We understand the biology and economics of growing and producing agricultural products and our customized approach to management allows us to extract maximum value from each property.

• We take a direct approach to management whereby, in addition to farmland, in many cases we are purchasing and operating equipment, packing facilities and other assets to extract the most value from each investment.

• Through our knowledge of agricultural commodity markets and customer relationships, we seek to capture maximum value from crop sales and strive to be a preferred supplier to our purchasing customers.

• Our internal expertise, combined with an extensive network of field service providers, maximizes market knowledge and value creation while effectively controlling client expenses.   Our staff spends many hours in the field reviewing properties and making management decisions with the support of the field service providers.

• We retain management flexibility and continually reassess previous decisions as market conditions change.

• We hedge price risks where feasible and are active participants in the agricultural derivatives market.

Advanced Science and Technology

• We invest in cutting edge, intensive farm management if the projected investment return exceeds the hurdle rate for such investments which compounds overall investment performance.

• We have developed sophisticated, computer based underwriting models which are used to determine optimum management practices and compare various management regimes.

• Genetically advanced seed and seedlings are used to maximize crop yields while promoting farm sustainability through enhanced productivity.

Alternative Value and Income

• Recreation, hunting, mitigation, conservation and other non-crop income sources can provide significant

• Our business knowledge and expertise is not limited to agriculture, and we proactively identify and implement alternative land uses, land sales and other value enhancing opportunities based on local market dynamics.


• We promote and practice sustainable farming and high environmental standards for stewardship of the lands we manage.

• We believe it is our responsibility to maintain the long-term viability of the farmland while managing it for competitive financial returns.

• We use environmentally sensitive conservation practices and farm management techniques that enhance crop production while conserving soil, water and wildlife.