Our network of contacts, developed over many years of investing, enables us to review most significant farmland offerings, as well as many international opportunities. Acquiring multiple, distinct, high-quality farmland properties, including both permanent and field crops, is a core part of our investment strategy.


Disciplined Underwriting

• Our investment process uses sound underwriting standards.

• Our valuation methods use both proprietary and third-party supply, demand and pricing inputs.

• We use conservative yield assumptions to model realistic outcomes.

• We strive to maintain strict discipline throughout the entire acquisitions process.

• Our goal in acquisitions is not to place capital, but rather to make sound investments for our clients.

Risk Management

• We complete a risk assessment and valuation variance analysis on every targeted acquisition.

• All projected investment returns are sensitivity-tested.

• We perform a thorough analysis of markets, infrastructure, water availability, soil quality, past management and environmental quality prior to any farmland acquisition.

• We implement different operating structures based on the clients’ risk tolerances.


• Diversification serves to minimize natural, economic and environmental risks.

• We strive to diversify client portfolios by including both permanent and field (row) crops, with multiple species within each category and in different geographies and markets.

• Diversification optimizes market opportunities while minimizing natural and environmental risks.