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AgVictus Capital Management (AgVictus) is a private equity management firm focused on natural resource investments.  AgVictus serves to acquire and manage timberland, farmland and related assets for corporate pension plans, state and municipal retirement systems, endowments, foundations and family offices.


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AgVictus Capital Management (AgVictus) is an independent investment adviser focused exclusively on natural resource investments for institutional investors.  The firm is privately owned by its employees who have spent decades transacting and managing natural resource assets.  AgVictus currently manages permanent, specialty and annual commodity (row) crop properties, as well as timberland and water assets, across the U.S. and Australia.

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Look to the Future

The long-term supply and demand fundamentals of farmland bode extremely well for the patient investor who thinks in terms of decades and not quarters. Without a substitute for food, the growing global population with a rising standard of living will continue to increase demand for farmland and the products it produces.

Agricultural Investing

Farmland is a real asset with strong underlying investment fundamentals which distinguish it from many other investments. It provides competitive returns from biological growth with attractive cash yields while portraying the added benefit of the investment characteristics outlined below.

Investment Strategy

Assemble customized portfolios of farmland and related agricultural assets which generate appropriate long-term, risk-adjusted investment returns; accomplished through disciplined and opportunistic transactions and active management strategies.

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